15+ photos to prove unlikely animal friendships are always heartwarming

In a modern world, where human beings tend to forget about kindness, compassion or even love, wildlife seem to teach each and everyone of us what true friendships are all about. Many people still think animals are heartless beasts, but these example prove they’ve never been more wrong.

When comes to caring for those in need, animals proof they have enormous hearts, and they put everything behind and all they do is to help. Starting from this, some of the most highly unlikely bonds between animals of different species have been born. From pups to kitten hanging together, to giant gorillas taking care of tiny wild bush babies, to monkeys playing around with tiger cubs, these animals show us that love and friendship know no boundaries.

Whatever the reason may be, odd friendships like these prove once again, that those gentle creature we call animals, are far more compassionate than most of the people believe. Bellow, we choose some of the most adorable friendships between animals, we came upon over the years. Take your time and enjoy them!

1. Let’s take a ride, bro.

2. We love watching movies together. Actually…we love doing everything together!

3. Selfie with my boys!

4. Always by your side!

5.With my big brother.

6. Too cute to be described by words!

7. Who doesn’t love a big big hug?!

8. We are inseparable!

9. He’s so childish…but I love him!

10. Endless happiness.

11. My brother from another mother.

12. I’m definitely a puppy, right?

13. A big smile for the camera.

15. Let’s play!

16.We’re ready for a new adventure!

17. Sharing is caring.

18. Hi, my tiny little friend!

19. Smiling is contagious.