8 adorable animals with the most unique fur markings

All animals are so adorable, each in their own way, but apparently with some of them Mother Nature must have been extremely generous since their looking is breathtaking, literally. Whether wild animals, farm animals or pet animals, these adorable creature have been gifted by nature with some one-of-a-kind markings that make them very so special. Here we picked eight furry friends with the most unique features!

1. A chimera kitten, or the cutest ‘accident’ that ever happened to nature

This adorable feline, named Quimera seems like she’s reassembles a mosaic with her out of ordinary looking. The two-faced cat suffers of a very rare condition called chimera – a rare natural occurrence whereby an individual is made up of cells from at least two different original eggs.

2. This wild horse has an incredible horse marking on her back

3. Meet Zoë – a very cute kitten that was born with a heart on her chest. Isn’t she adorable?

4. Hearts everywhere

Apparently, the most ‘common’ unusual marking is a heart. From dogs to cats, or calves, there are quite many animals born with a heart marking their coats. But what makes this little one so special is that she was born (coincidence or not) on Valentine’s Day

5. Heart markings once again
This time, a wildlife photographer caught on camera a lovely penguin proudly (and literally) a heart on its chest

6. Do you like my moustache

Playful kitten went viral on social media for…hold on – its moustache. And it is not like he has a choice, since Gringo, how is named this cute little fella, was born this way.

7. Meet Randy – the cute Bull Terrier with eyebrows

8. No. eight is actually a trio

These three unlikely friends, looks like they’re triplets, but they are totally different species. Meet Nevada, Napoleon and Jack Sparrow!