A woman finds a wild fox sleeping on her cats’ bed and refuses to leave

Upon returning home from a leisurely stroll one day, George, the ginger cat, was surprised to discover an unwelcome guest occupying his bed.
“As I descended the stairs, passing by the kitchen towards the bathroom, I had to do a double-take as I spotted a pair of enormous ears from the kitchen window,” recounted Meloney Blayze, 47, George’s owner.

“My first thought was ‘those certainly aren’t George’s ears’. Flicking on the light, I saw who the intruder was in George’s bed – it was a red fox.”

Meloney had arisen at 4 am to let George have some outdoor time in the garden, after which she returned to bed, leaving an opportune entry point for the wild fox. Come morning, Meloney found the wild fox comfortably nestled in George’s bed.

Despite George’s attempts to intimidate the fox into leaving by hissing at it, the fox remained unflinchingly put, only vacating when Meloney picked up the bed and tossed it through the window.

“The fox was incredibly placid, seemed in no hurry to depart,” she began, “acting as if it was just another member of the family who had been living here for years, baffled about all the commotion.”

“We had an eye-to-eye moment, he looked at me and I looked back. There wasn’t a trace of fear in his eyes,” Meloney, the cat owner, fondly reminisces.