Abandoned Sick Dog Found Completely By Chance and Saved

This tiny abandoned dog was sick and would have died helplessly of an illness if DAR Animal Rescue hadn’t found her by chance. They were on their way to deliver a dog to foster care when they spotted her in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere.

The little dog came over to Ermioni wagging her tail. She would let the rescuer pet her but didn’t want to be picked up. But after some gentle coaxing and food, Ermioni hesitantly picked the dog up.

She was brought to a vet and although she looked healthy she was covered with ticks. And when the vet took a closer look she saw swelling on her underbelly. It was pyometra! Had she been left on the streets and untreated she would have died of infection.

But this happy girl has a second chance thanks to being spotted completely by accident.