Amusing footage shows baby elephants knee sliding down a muddy hill

A bunch of baby elephants had a very jolly time as they slid on their knee down a muddy hill in Thailand. The adorable moment was captured on camera and the amusing video stole hearts of millions.

Viral Press

The hilarious scene happened at the Elephant Freedom Village, an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai – a province in northern Thailand. A group of young elephants were waking up a forest hill, but apparently some of them got a little lazy when they reached the peak of the hill. So they came up with a brilliant idea when they had to come down. The playful elephants decided to slide on their knee to reach the bottom of the hill, just like a bunch of kids.

Viral Press

The elephants’ hilarious behavior immediately sent their keeper Non into laughter. However, he still managed to film the lovely moment. “This is the cutest rollercoaster I have ever seen,” the elephants keeper said. “My kids looked happy and I am glad that they were enjoying the outdoors.”

Watch the funny video here:

Elephant Freedom Village is a sanctuary founded by a family decided to help and protect these sacred creatures. Here, the elephants spend nearly 90% of their time roaming free through the forest. They spent the night in some shelter paddocks. This sanctuary “was created in an effort to undo some of the damage humans have done to elephants over time, and to return them to the forest where they belong.”