Bobcat trapped on frozen tracks owes its life to heroic train crew

A very unlucky bobcat was rescued just in time, after it got frozen on the train tracks, not far from the city of Trail, southeastern British Columbia. Fortunately for the wild cat, it was spotted by a train crew just 30 minutes before a high speed train.

Coby Reid – an inspector for the railroad – was among the crew that freed the bobcat. They were inspecting the trail on Thursday morning when the wild creature that seemed unable to move from the tracks. The men immediately rushed to help the poor animal, but it turned out to be a pretty rescue though.

Coby Reid/ Facebook

“At first we approached it, and we were going to actually cover it up with a coat,” the heroic inspector told Radio West. “It definitely wasn’t the cute cat that you see in the picture.”

Apparently, the bobcat was about to enjoy its meal (a duck it most likely hunted from the river nearby), but as its legs were wet, its paws froze to the tracks due to the freezing temperatures. The train crew soon realized what happened and they called their boss who brought some warm water that helped them to free the poor creature. It was a race against the clock for everyone involved as a high speed train was approaching. Soon after the bobcat was saved, Reid and his team clean the leftovers from the tracks.

“Saved this little guy today he was enjoying his breakfast (duck) and froze to the rail,” the heroic train conductor wrote in a Facebook post. “We got some warm water and freed him up.”

The man even captured their attempts of freeing the stuck bobcat up. Take a peek:

h.t: cbc