Boy overjoyed during tearful reunion with lost pit bull

This is the heartwarming moment a 10-year-old boy reunites his lost dog after two months. The moment they meet again is so emotional, the little boy burst into tears!

Jamie Bandy and his wife, but mostly their son – Tyler, were devastated, after the family’s dog went missing. Earlier this year, Bruiser – an adorable pit bull, was playing around the house in Florida, when he suddenly disappeared. He was last seen playing and chasing a rabbit, but then he simply vanished. His family searched for him for days all over the neighborhood, but no sign of their beloved Bruiser. They spread flyers of him, they even left some clothes with his scent in the spot where he was last seen, but everything seemed to be in vain.

Highlands Country Sheriff’s Office

As days were passing, the Bandy family was “starting to lose any hope,” and by far the most affected was Tyler, the pup’s best buddy. They even got in touch with the Polk County Animal Control, but since their odds were getting slimer by the day, all they could do was pray and never giving up on searching for him.

Miraculously, two months after, on March the 4th Jamie got a call from from Highlands County Animal Control and he was so surprised to find out Bruiser was finally found. Since son Tyler was at school, his parents decided to surprise him by the time he came home. Meantime, they got Bruiser back and now they were waiting for Tyler to get back home.

Highlands Country Sheriff’s Office

The moment the school boy walks into the house and realizes his buddy comes towards him, is so beautiful. Thankfully, Ms. Bandy recored the touching reunion and then Highlands Country Sheriff’s Office decided to share it on Facebook.

“Here is a special treat to send you into the weekend crying some happy tears,” Highlands Country Sheriff’s Office wrote. Take a peek: