Caring dog so happy to adopt kittens found abandoned in a backyard

Even many thinks that dogs and cats do not get along very well, this heartwarming story proves nothing but the opposite. A caring pup became adoptive mom for two shy rescued kittens and their bond is now melting hearts all over.


When Asa heard that two tiny kittens are in an urgent need of a foster home, she decided to take them in without a second thought. The two gentle soul were just 10-12 weeks old when someone found them abandoned in a backyard in New York City. However, the woman didn’t how her beloved furry companion, Kona, would react in the presence of the two little felines. Nevertheless, the dog’s reaction surprised Asa in the sweetest possible way.


Asa is been fostering animals in need for many years now and so far she helped more than 160 animals to find forever homes. Yet she never saw Kona so attached to any other dog or cat she fostered as she got attached to Chester and Blair. Since the moment they arrived, the kind-hearted dog stepped in and took them under her wing. She provided them the protection and the comfort they never had.


“I’ve always loved dogs,” Asa told Bored Panda. “They brought me so much joy throughout my childhood and I knew I wanted to give back somehow, and fostering is my way of giving back. With them [Chester and Blair] it happened naturally! She was very excited, she started to develop more of a babysitter role, and eventually a mama!”

Due to their tough past, the two kittens were very shy and they both got very confused in human presence, but shortly after spending time with their adoptive mom, helped them to better socialize and to be less shy.


“She really has the magic touch!,” Asa says about her dog. “Watching these animals blossom! Whether it be seeing an undersocialized kitten or timid dog open up and learn to trust people….is just such a rewarding experience being there to witness all this happening.”

Watch this adorable trio enjoying the time together!

h.t.: boredpanda | Instagram

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