Dog’s Hobby of Sniffing Out Lost Golf Discs Now Raises Money For Shelter

Daisy the Disc-Detecting Dog

Daisy is a four-year-old Labrador Retriever with a nose for finding lost property. She has been known to sniff out and retrieve golf discs that have been lost at Grand Vue Park in Moundsville, West Virginia.

Daisy’s owner, Kelly Mason, takes her for a five-mile walk through the park every day. Almost every day, Daisy goes off into the bushes and comes back with a golf disc.

“We will be walking through the park and her nose will go up,” Mason told WTRF. “She can smell ’em, and she just goes off. She could go off 30 yards through the multiflora, the high weeds. And here she comes with a disc.”

Over the past three years, Daisy has found over 150 golf discs. Mason has no use for all of the discs, so she teamed up with Grand Vue Park to set up a program called “Daisy’s Discs.”

Unclaimed discs are turned into the park’s barn area. If the discs have names on them, the park staff will try to contact the owners. If the discs are unclaimed, they are sold to raise money for the Marshall County Animal Rescue League.

Daisy is a valuable asset to Grand Vue Park. She helps to keep the park clean and safe, and she also raises money for a good cause. She is a true hero!