Drone footage shows diver’s ice-breaking attempt to save stray puppy from melting floe

A stray dog that found itself stuck on the floating ice of a lake in Nova Scotia own its life to a pair of brace rescuers. The ice was starting to melt and the poor animal was in real danger, but two determined men have everything in their power to save the day.


After getting a call from a local about the stranded puppy, Nathaniel Dentin and his buddy Mike Titus from Digby County, jumped into a canoe and rushed to rescue it. They paddled and swam through the melting ice, until the reached the spot where the confused dog found itself. “The lake just opened up in the last three or four days, and we could paddle straight to where the dog was,” Titus told CBC Nova Scotia News.

Although the men are both experienced divers, it wasn’t an easy mission as the dog got scared as Dentin approached. However, they eventually managed to take the shaking dog into the canoe and then safely brought it back to shore.

“I commercially dove for 20 years, so the swim in the lake wasn’t too bad,” Dentin said. “We had a breakthrough to get to the dog and then bring the canoe in to pick it up.Once we cleared the path so we could get close enough to her and she wouldn’t go any further, I shoved Mike in the canoe up onto the ice and then he was able to get a hold of her.”

A drone captured the dramatic rescue. Take a peek:

Shortly after rescued, the dog – nicknamed Lake Dog – was taken to the Digby Municipal Dog Control. The dog managed to make it unharmed, but she was pretty hungry though as no one knows exactly how many days she was stranded on the ice. Now she’s recovering and the staff hopes they’ll soon find her an adoptive family.

“She is a healthy dog,” Scott Comeau from the Dog Control said. “It appears someone has taken good care of her at some point. But she seems very young. She was a bit hungry, but not too bad.”