Furniture store makes sure stray dogs have a cozy bed to sleep each night

Earlier this year, a heartwarming photo of two dogs peacefully sleeping on a mattress, in front of a store, has taken internet by storm. It was happening on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey and everyone praised the store’s owner for the gentle gesture. But apparently, it did not happened just once, but constantly over the last years.


Istikbal Mobile is a furniture shop in Turkey, where you can find anything from beds, sofas, beddings or mattresses. However, the store gained some fame and not necessarily because of its products, but because of its owner and the love he carries for animals. Especially stray dogs! So over the last 5-6 years, the shop always make sure to put a cozy bed outside for two stray dogs that live in the neighborhood.

Dr. Cem Baykal, who’s passing by the furniture store every day on his way to work, have noticed the scene, and decided to share the lovely story it with the world.

“The owner of the shop puts one of the beds (with a plastic cover on it) in front of the shop,” Baykal explained for The Dodo. “This bed may be the one they sell that day or it may be one of the incoming ones. They don’t put the bed on its side, they let it stay flat, and these two stray dogs lay and sleep there every time.”


Apparently it is not just during the winter time, when the store takes care of the dogs, but in summer too. “If it is winter, the shop provides a bed every day. And if it is summer, they give them shade and water,” Dr. Baykal said.

Even these two dogs are living on the streets for so many years, Dr. Baykal says they are both doing very well. He also said that entire community is actually taking care of these dogs (as many other stray pups or cats) by feeding them and giving them water.


In a recent tweet, Baykal wanted to assure everyone the dogs are just fine, despite the bad weather.

“This morning we had very heavy rain in Istanbul, and I saluted my friends on my way to the hospital in the early morning,” Baykal said. “The shop was closed but the bedding was still there. The lazy one was still sleeping, but his friend was awake and accompanied me to the pedestrian crossing for my safety.”

h.t: thedodo