Gas Station Attendant Cools Stray Dog Off By Giving Him a Bath During Heat Wave

During a scorching heatwave in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, an employee at a gas station was moved to help the stray dogs that frequented the area. In a heartwarming gesture, he fetched a bucket of water and began bathing the dogs to provide relief from the sweltering temperatures. A thoughtful customer captured this act of kindness on camera, showcasing the employee’s compassion.

In a translated post, the customer expressed their admiration, saying, “This amazing employee of a FERNANDEZ SHELL service station went above and beyond when the heat became unbearable… He took a bucket of water and started bathing the stray dogs that usually gather at the station.”

The customer further commended the employee, stating, “I applaud you, bro!!! The world is already infinitely better because of people like you.”

While it is unconfirmed if the video below features the same gas station attendant, it captures another remarkable instance where a gas station employee showers a stray dog with kindness, using a water hose.