Good Samaritans help pair of tiny fawns cross busy road and reunite with their mom

This is the beautiful moment some kind drivers help two baby deer to cross a busy Wisconsin road. After a couple of minutes, the men efforts paid off and the little souls have finally been reunited with their mom who restlessly waited for them in the woods.


Earlier this month, a deer and her two babies were crossing a road near the highway, but at some point something scared them and while the mother deer quickly jumped into the bushes, her two little fawns got scared and stopped in the middle of the road. The drivers that witnessed the scenes immediately jumped out of their cars to help the confused animals.


As two very kind drivers were heading the pair of fawns back in the woods, their mom was breathlessly waiting. The three eventually reunited. The beautiful act of kindness was captured on cameras by several drivers, including Ashley Davis, a Chippewa Falls resident whose footage went viral.


“Mom deer was attempting to cross the road with twin fawns when got spooked,” Davis told Storyful. “The baby deer kept crossing but stopped in the middle of the road. Two men helped the fawns back to the woods to be with momma.”

Watch the moment here:

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