Incredible footage shows hundreds of hammerhead sharks swimming above diver

Imagine you’re diving in deep waters with hundreds of sharks swimming above you, that’s definitely the sight no one would get wild about. However, that’s exactly the kind of experience a marine biologist had when dived off the Galapagos islands. Even it sounds like the scariest thing ever, there were hammerhead sharks, known for their shy and harmless nature.

The incredible moment was caught on camera by Dr Simon Pierce off Darwin Island, a place known as the one of the most remote scuba diving locations in on Earth. The 39-year-old from New Plymouth, New Zealand used a remote camera in order to not disturb the inoffensive sharks.

Simon Pierce / Caters News

Getting photos and video footages of the moment proved to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Pierce who still remembers that day as one of the happiest in his life. “Seeing the hammerheads was one of the most amazing days of my life,” Dr Pierce said. “I became a marine biologist to have the opportunity to see some amazing places and animals as a part of my work, and photography is a great way to share them with people.”

Simon Pierce / Caters News

It wasn’t just an incredible experience for Dr Pierce, but the footage he managed to capture on camera is very rare as hammerhead sharks are incredibly shy and they usually avoid human presence. However, Darwin Islands is one of the fewest places on Earth where the fishing of these endangered shark species is strictly forbidden.

Simon Pierce / Caters News

“The footage was captured in an area where no shark fishing is allowed,” Dr said. “This is what a healthy marine protected area can look like.Sites like this show all of us what can be achieved when we work together to protect our ocean wilderness.”

Watch the rare footage bellow!

h.t: mailonline | Instagram