Man does the sweetest thing so his blind, 3-legged dog can have fun outside

Just like any other dog lover, Josh adores to spend time with his furry companion, Keller. However, giving the dog’s special condition, things were a little difficult at first, but for the love of his friend, Josh came up with a genius solution, so he and Keller could have fun, just like any other human-dog duo.

A very kind soul, Keller – an Akita/Chow mix – was born blind and with dwarfism and because a dog in her condition requires much more attention, her previous owner decided to put her down. Fortunately, Josh came in just in time to adopt her and change her life forever.

“Everything didn’t line up quite right and her retinas never attached,” Josh said. “She ran away and was picked up by the shelter I volunteer at. Love at first sniff for me!”

Since both Josh and his good girl Keller, love going on adventures, the man decided to his old kayak into a special carrier for his dog. Now they experience the most challenging and beautiful adventurous together and they definitely love it.

“I soon discovered an easy way for my girl Keller to get out and have some fun,” Josh explained. “She loves adventures!”

Even though people sometime look at him pretty strange, Josh said that doesn’t bother him at all. In fact, he even started to build more carriers for his beloved friend.

“People look at me strange, but I don’t care,” the man says. “I decided to work with the idea… And started welding some more…and Keller seems to like it already.

“I love my totally normal dog!”

h.t: dogheirs