Man finds dying puppy buried alive in ground, but ‘it’s not a puppy at all’

In a challenging scenario reported by ilovemydogsomuch, Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary staff received a distress call from a man named Ian Ellis. Ian was observing birds at the Frampton Marshes RSPB Reserve when he spotted an unusual scene through his telescope.

He noticed a large group of more than 30 cows huddled around a seemingly unconscious calf stuck in the marshland. The calf appeared helpless, with the bovine crowd seemingly unsure of how to assist the young one in distress.

Given the pressing nature of the situation and the uncertainty involved, sanctuary employees provided Ian with critical advice on safely approaching the herd and rescuing the calf. To his surprise, upon closer examination, Ian discovered that the creature was not a calf, but a baby seal. In the following tense hour, the 67-year-old animal enthusiast meticulously heeded the guidance of the sanctuary workers, successfully extricating the scared seal pup from its precarious situation.

The young seal, christened “Celebration,” was quickly taken to the sanctuary’s hospital in a dehydrated and lethargic condition. At just five days old, she was likely an orphan. The veterinarian surmised that Celebration may have ended up in the marsh, carried away by high tide. In the subsequent days, the seal pup was given rehydration fluids until her health showed signs of improvement.

However, Celebration is still too young to fend for herself in the wild and has also developed respiratory problems that require antibiotic treatment. Despite these issues, she’s adapting well to her peers at the sanctuary, and it’s anticipated that she will fully recover over time.

Watch the video below to learn how a group of attentive cows led to the rescue of a struggling seal pup.