Meet the rare magical white owl with red eyes (Video)

An oddly adorable owl has been recently sparked interest on social media due to its very unusual looking. The snow-white bird has some big red eyes which make it look like cut out of the ancient mythology.

While many believe, the rare bird is actually a snow owl, turns out this magical creature’s unusual looking is due to a rare condition. So, different of everyone’s opinion that it is a common snow owl, this particular little fella is in fact a screech owl, only the albino version.

The screech owl usually posses a grey or sometimes brown plumage, but due to albinism, its body lacks melanism – responsible to produce color – so its feathers are completely white. Yet, other body parts are affected, too. While its eyes look like two red cherries, the owl also got its beak and claws pink.

Watch this insanely cute owl, bellow:

Albinism is a rare genetic condition caracterized by the absence of any pigmentation or colouration, resulting in white hair, feathers, scales and skin and pink eyes. It can be found in almost every species of animals, from fishes to birds, from terrestrial to marine mammals. It can also be found at human beings. Surprisingly, there are some species of plants with albinism.

h.t: whitewolfpack