Mother leopard adorably hugs her cub in heartwarming scenes


This is the adorable moment a mother leopard and her beloved baby share a tender moment. The mother looks so happy as she cuddles up with her cute little cub. The lovely scenes have been caught on camera by a wildlife leopard.

Leighton Lum

The 32-year-old photographer, Leighton Lum witnessed the shower of love and affection during an expedition in Kenya, earlier this year. As per Lum, the mum-cub duo were both sleeping when all of a sudden a downpour woke the little leopard up. Shortly after woking up, the playful cub started to climb up some trees.

Leighton Lum

It didn’t take too long until the curios kitten woke up its mother, too. Although, waking someone up is nothing short of a disaster, the patient mom wasn’t too annoyed. In fact she looks so content while cuddling with her innocent offspring.

Leighton Lum

“Eventually he wondered near our vehicle and the mother followed,” Lum said. “They settled in not more than a 50ft away from the vehicle and started to play. It was incredible.

Leighton Lum

“I really enjoyed watching this tender moment between mother and cub. It’s a behaviour not often seen and it’s rare to see them like this out in the open and at close range.”

h.t: kingdomstv


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