Neglected dog breaks into a heartwarming smile after finding a foster home

Oscar, a two-year-old American Bulldog mix, was forsaken as a mere pup by his previous owners. He was rescued by Miami-Dade Animal Service shelter in a deplorable state. Suffering from a skin infection, heartworms, broken teeth, and wounds from an ill-fitting collar, Oscar’s condition was pitiful.

After receiving the necessary treatment and care at the shelter, he was prepared for a fresh start with a new family. However, no one seemed to take notice of the posts about him. That’s when Humans And Animals United intervened to find this young pup a foster home…

At less than a year old, Oscar was given up to the shelter. Miami-Dade Animal Service was all he was familiar with – he had never known any other home. Oscar’s face was typically downturned; smiles or signs of joy were rare.

Despite the team at MDAS showering Oscar with care and affection, it was evident that he required a genuine home. Upon his arrival at the shelter, he was suffering from severe wounds and injuries. Detailed examination revealed Oscar’s heartworms, skin and ear infection, and a mouthful of broken teeth. To add to his misery, he bore scars from skirmishes with other dogs.

His poor skin condition was largely attributed to an improperly fitted collar, so tightly embedded that it triggered an infection spreading across a significant portion of his body. Thankfully, the MDAS staff promptly initiated veterinary treatment for Oscar. His recovery was slow, but steady. Months later, Oscar was ready to be welcomed into a new family.

Despite multiple posts about Oscar by the MDAS team, there were no responses. A year later, the shelter was filled to capacity and was compelled to let Oscar go. But another animal welfare organization was ready to step in…

Humans And Animals United (HAAU) from Florida, came to Oscar’s rescue! In order to prevent Oscar from losing his shelter once more, Rosa Fond, the founder of HAAU, made every possible effort to secure Oscar a new home.

Though HAAU doesn’t provide boarding facilities for their dogs, they managed to connect Oscar with a foster family. A dog trainer associated with HAAU offered to foster Oscar until a permanent home could be found. Even though it was temporary, it was the first time Oscar experienced a family’s genuine love and care.

His joy at finally being accepted into a home was evident in his constant smiling. The once frowning pup transformed into the happiest dog around!

Fond reports that Oscar’s condition improved almost immediately upon entering his new home. Previously lethargic, he was now energetic, highlighting his desperate need for companionship.

His foster ensured that Oscar received the appropriate puppy training and socialization. Today, Oscar and his foster family share a strong bond! He has grasped basic obedience and is ready for a family life.

Oscar is still awaiting a permanent home. Fond hopes that he finds someone who recognizes his potential and aids him in overcoming his past traumas.

“He deserves a loving home. Someone who will provide him ample love, help him heal from the trauma he has endured, and give him time to understand that he is safe.”

It is my sincere hope that he finds his perfect forever home. No dog should have to endure abandonment or the hardships Oscar has faced. Until he finds his forever home, he’ll continue to refine his domestic skills with his foster, savouring the best life he possibly can.