Police horse hears Jazz band performing on the street – charms everyone with his dancing routine

This is the adorable moment a police horse is so impressed by a Jazz band, he starts dancing in the middle of the street. The lovely footage proves once again that New Orleans does not have some of the most talented musicians, but also some great horse dancers.

Usually, we get used to see dogs or maybe cats to perform some tricks or some silly dance moves. However, watching a horse dancing isn’t something you see everyday, let alone a police horse. But that’s exactly the kind of sight people from New Orleans had, after NOPD officer and his horse came upon a Jazz band.

Antoinenaccache/ YouTube

A bunch of Jazz singers were playing a catchy song and soon they hit the beat people start gathering, but everyone was left open mouthed when a horse decided to join in. A NOPD officer was on a patrol with his horse, but apparently the animal forgot about all of his duties when heard the catchy music, so he decided to show off what a skilful dancer he is. As a great comrade he is, the officer couldn’t have left the horse alone, so he supports his loyal companion 100%. Thankfully, the show was captured on camera and the Internet can’t handle it.

Antoinenaccache/ YouTube

Shortly after the heartwarming footage emerged online, the people reaction started to flow. “I can see now why people from Louisiana love their state so much,” one person wrote. “What a fantastic scene! The music, the dancing… I love the way the officer never loses composure during the whole thing, he really just lets his horse be the real performer.”

“Only in New Orleans,” another person wrote. “The most unique city…fabulous music and the friendliest people.” While another one added: “This is just amazing!”

Watch the lovely footage here: