Photographer captures stunning images of lioness in symmetrical reflection

A South African photographer managed to capture a truly remarkable snap of a lioness. Nick Leuenberger was visiting Okavango Delta in Northern Botswana, when spotted the majestic creature – a mother of three cubs. It was the end of the raining season, so much part of the area got flooded, including the roads.

“We were looking for lions. We had tracked them to a certain area knows as Marongas Island, a very wet and Marsh area of the Vumbura Concession in the Okavango Delta,” the 36-year-old photographer said. “As we came around a bend in a flooded road, we saw one lioness standing at the edge of that water waiting to cross.”

Nick Leuenberger / Caters News

Apparently, the lioness wanted to cross the flooded road, to reunite with her cubs which were waiting for their mum on the top of a hillock. The talented photographer took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed some fine snaps with the majestic lioness as she perfectly reflected in the water.

“The reflection was perfect and I managed to capture a few shots of her,” Leuenberger said. “Soon as she crossed [the water], she was greeted by three young lions, her cubs and her sisters cubs. They then crossed the water together in front of my vehicle and later climbed up a rain tree to watch the sun set over another spectacular day in the Okavango Delta.”

Nick Leuenberger / Caters News

Source caternews