Rare bird has the sweetest reaction when finally finds the love of her life

Of all the animals in the world, birds have the most fascinating ways to impress their mates during the breeding season. From bizarre rituals to spectacular dances, birds definitely know how to impress their soul mates. But when it comes to some of the rarest bird species on Earth, things are nothing short of sensational.

In a heartwarming footage, filmmakers Paula and Michael Webster have managed to capture on camera a hooded grebes couple during their mating, and they haven’t been disappointed. A critically endangered species, the hooded grebes count less than a thousand individuals. The elusive birds live on the remote plateaus of Patagonia, which make them very difficult to spot. However, when the filmmakers decided to pay them a visit, they had the sweetest surprise.

The two are among the very few people on Earth that witnessed the hooded grebes mating ritual, and the first ones that caught on tape. The film, which Paula and Michael named Tango in the Wind (given that Argentina is the place where the tango was born) shows a hooded grebe female that finally found the love of her life. Shortly after the two birds met, they bring to life a fascinating dance of love.

“This world-first footage reveals the Hooded Grebe has a courtship dance as passionate as the tango,” Paula Webster said. You can watch the spectacular dance, here: