Rescued Dog Scared to Go Through Doors Wants His Hand Held

When Samantha Zimmer and her now-husband, part of the Street Life To The Sweet Life organization, rescued a homeless dog from the streets of Houston, they found that he was scared to enter their house. Yet, with Samantha’s enduring patience, the dog named Boomer eventually acclimated to being a house pet.

Before a cold snap hit Houston, Samantha and her partner were on a mission to rescue as many dogs as they could. Boomer was one of four dogs they found in a parking lot. Despite their unsuccessful attempt to trap him on the first day, their friends managed to secure him on the following day.

Samantha opted to foster Boomer and noticed immediately that he was reluctant to cross the threshold and enter the house. It seemed as if an invisible barrier stopped him, indicating that he might have been trained not to enter houses. However, Samantha found a comforting behavior in Boomer that she used to build trust – when Boomer wanted comfort, he would extend his paw to be held. In a video Samantha filmed, Boomer is seen reaching his paw out to her at the doorway. This heartwarming gesture, however, wasn’t enough to coax him inside immediately, so Samantha continued reassuring him, saying, “you’re a house dog.” With time and effort, Boomer finally trusted her enough to venture indoors.

Fast forward a month, and Boomer is doing great, enjoying cozy snuggles on the couch. Samantha described him as a “pretty lazy dog.” After completing his heartworm medication treatment, Boomer would be ready for adoption.