Russian sailors rescue lost dog stranded on iceberg in the Arctic (Video)

Earlier this week, a Russian icebreaker conducted a dramatic rescue miles away in the Artic. The crew from the Alexander Sannikov icebreaker saved the life of a missing dog, they found on an iceberg!


The 1-year-old Samoyed dog named Aika went missing from more than a week ago and since then he wondered through the icy fields of the Arctic. When the sailor spotted him, the white fluffy dog was stranded on sea ice, yet he was in a very good condition. Soon as the ship approached him, the dog started to wag his tail. According to the icebreaker captain, Aika got on board on by himself.

“We put out the ladder, by which the dog climbed aboard on its own,” captain Yegor Agapov told Russia 1. “Then we established contact with the local population, found the owner of the dog.”


It turned out the dog was from Mys Kamenny, a small village in northern Russia. Naturarrly his owner was more than happy to find her dog was found alive after some many days in those tough conditions. The owner, named Svetlana, said Aika got lost after a walk nearby the village, but she still has no idea how that happened. She’s grateful to the kind sailor that rescued her pup as she says her dog would have not survive any longer if the crew wouldn’t find him.

You can watch the moment Aika has been found, here:

The Samoyed is dog breed native to Siberia. Their coat is perfectly designed to keep them warm in these areas where the temperatures are extremely low. They’re also famous for their special abilities to live in these extreme conditions.