Sick Puppy Was Going To Die Until One Man Saw Her Photo And Changed Everything

Introducing Peanut, a Pit Bull mix puppy who was gravely ill when she arrived at an Arizona shelter, urgently needing help. Nadine Sipos Swart was at the Willcox Animal Shelter when she learned about Peanut, who was at risk of being euthanized if nobody intervened.

Nadine, an advocate for homeless animals in Arizona, photographed Peanut along with every other animal at the shelter that day and posted the images on Facebook. She shared with the sequence of events that followed:

“I was informed at the shelter that they were on the verge of having to euthanize this 5-month-old pit puppy if they couldn’t find her a home. Her condition was critical…extremely critical. She was severely ill with Demodex mange.”

After posting Peanut’s picture to Facebook her picture got over 27,000 views. “I was astonished,” wrote Nadine. “But it gets better. Through well over 250 shares…this picture reached the one man who was ready to take action and save her.”

“On 3/15 the tears Joshua Cummings had when he saw her picture turned into tears of joy when they met for the first time. Kelly at the shelter drove this puppy to CA where Josh met up with her.”

“That’s what networking can do … Josh has named this little Pit after my daughter Peanut,” wrote Nadine. “I couldn’t be more thrilled with that because that is exactly what she is. A sweet little Peanut.”

With Josh and his wife’s gentle love and care Peanut made a wonderful recovery and is one very lucky and happy dog!