Sweet Pittie Watches Expectantly as Other Dogs at Shelter Find Homes

Witnessing Chauncey being continuously overlooked was something Kaki Taylor could no longer bear. To Taylor, the 2-year-old Terrier/Pitbull mix was nothing short of “adorable”, which made it hard for her to comprehend why no one had adopted the pup yet. During one of her volunteering stints at the Spartanburg Humane Society in South Carolina, Taylor managed to snap a photograph of Chauncey that would completely alter the young pitbull’s life.

Chauncey was captured peering out through a gap in her kennel, her eyes filled with anticipation as she watched passers-by. Taylor shared this photo on Facebook, pleading, “Please, someone adopt Chauncey. She’s had enough of watching other dogs march past her, each on their way to a new home and a new family. She’s downright exasperated. She wants a home.” Along with this heartfelt plea, Taylor included the shelter’s contact details and hoped for the best.

The poignant image of Chauncey resonated with people online, leading to the Facebook post going viral and being shared more than 15,000 times!

Angel Cox, CEO of the Spartanburg Humane Society, informed The Dodo that Chauncey was a favorite among the staff and volunteers. However, the shelter’s constant noise and activity made her a bit reserved.

“Chauncey is initially quite shy,” explained Cox. “So with all the noise and endless activity at the shelter, she tended to watch the world pass her by.”

That changed when a family came across the Facebook post about Chauncey and decided to pay a visit. Seizing the opportunity, Chauncey immediately showcased her affectionate nature.

Cox recollected, “She won them over instantly with her loving demeanor.”

According to Cox, everyone at the shelter was overjoyed to see Chauncey find a loving home. “Their adoption is always bittersweet, but deep down, we’re always elated,” she expressed.

Now, with Chauncey embarking on her journey to a happily-ever-after, the Spartanburg Humane Society and Taylor are directing their focus on the other adorable, deserving dogs still in need of homes.

Among these dogs is Christopher, who has been at their shelter for a year. “It’s hard to comprehend why Christopher hasn’t found his new family,” Taylor shared. “He’s been with the Spartanburg Humane Society for about a year, undergoing heartworm treatment. He arrived in a sickly, frail condition. However, SHS has worked miracles, and now he’s ready for a new home, new playmates, and a new life.”

There’s also Handsome Cash, a three-year-old pitbull who arrived as a stray in February. “His middle name should be Dunkin, as his head looks like it’s been dunked in white paint,” Taylor jokingly wrote. “He’s a good boy, just the right size at almost 60lbs. He’s a good leash walker and loves to play. He’d do better in a home without cats and should meet any future fur siblings before moving in. He’s fond of treats and is comfortable around both new and familiar people.”