Two wild elephants cleverly work together to climb to safety after stuck in muddy ditch 


After finding themselves stuck a muddy ditch in Thailand, two elephants worked together to help each other to climb it. Their efforts eventually paid off as the pair found the way to safety. The heartwarming moment was caught on camera by an onlooker.


The two wild creatures were trying to cross a dried-out river in the Rayong province, but when they struggled to climb the riverside due to the mud. Surprisingly, the elephants kept their cool and tried to figured out a way to safely cross the muddy shore. Instead of panicking, the clever elephants teamed up and overcame the tough situation they found themselves.


Tanat Pitiporntapin, a local, witnessed the moment and couldn’t believed his eyes what he was seeing. The larger elephant, a male was the one who attempted to get out first. After an initial fail, he figured out the best technique to climb over, helped by his female friend who pushed him. Shortly after, the female followed him using the same technique. It took nearly an hour for the pair to safely cross.


“These two elephants used to play around in this garden,” said Pitiporntapin who filmed the moment. “I watched them help each other for almost an hour. It was amazing how the two elephants were communicating, it looked almost like they were telling each other the best way to climb out.”

Watch the adorable scene, bellow: