Incredible pictures show young gorillas destroying poachers’ traps

A series of astonishing snaps showing two young gorillas destroying traps went viral all over the social media. The intelligent creatures has been spotted dismantling the deadly traps that were set up by poachers.

Image credits: skeeze

Poaching is still the biggest treat for so many species and the Mountain gorillas are among those. Unfortunately Rwanda’s majestic gorillas are on the brink of extinction because of that treat. Many men and women are putting their own lives on the line to defend these wonderful creatures, but apparently the rangers tireless efforts are just not enough. So they get some help exactly from the gorillas they fight to protect. Very smart by nature, the endangered gorillas apparently figured out how to stay away from the dangerous traps made out by poachers. They destroy them!

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

Such an incredible sight has been seen by the staff of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. The eye catching moment show two juvenile gorillas breaking apart a trap set out by poachers for them. While such sights have been previously noticed at adult gorillas, this was for the first time young gorillas have been seen doing this.

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

“We knew that gorillas do this, but all of the reported cases in the past were carried out by adult gorillas, mostly silverbacks. Today, two juveniles and one blackback from Kuryama’s group worked together to deactivate two snares ” said the program coordinator of the Fund, Veronica Vecellio. “How they did it demonstrated an impressive cognitive skill.”

Even though poaching remains such a treat, not only for the Mountain gorillas, but for so many wild species, and the poaching activities had intensified over the last years, fortunately Rwanda’s mountain gorilla population reached a nearly 17% growth over the last two decades. And that was possible thanks to the devoted rangers out there, but apparently the gorillas are also doing their part.

“Today we can proudly confirm that gorillas are doing their part too,” Vecellio said!